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Large lidded earthenware pot.

Home thrown ceramic mushrooms.  

Stoneware, mixing bowl. 


Earthenware, stack of saucers.


Stoneware, small bottle.


Earthenware, cup and saucer.

Candle holder

Large earthenware brown jug.

Close up of a mushroom.

Earthenware, cup and saucer.


Stoneware, one pint beer mug.


Earthenware, large dish. 


Large bottle jar.

White teapot

Gold earthenware teabowl.

Earthenware, stamp close up.


Earthenware, set of two espresso mugs.


Earthenware, espresso mug


Earthenware teapot and teacup and saucer.

 Casserole dish.

Saki bottle and bowls







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